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As a leader in promoting a positive role for alcohol in society and responsible drinking, Diageo Canada #TAXI partnership is an initiative to raise awareness and dialogue around the responsible use of alcohol and ensure everyone gets home safe. It is also available for employees to make responsible drinking decisions for themselves, and to give them the confidence to be ambassadors to discuss responsible drinking with others.

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The Diageo Canada #TAXI Mobile App:

You are just a few steps away from being able to
get a taxi anywhere, anytime across Canada with this
handy app. Note: This is for BlackBerry users only.

Step 1.

Click the link above FROM YOUR BLACKBERRY.

Step 2.

Enter or approve your mobile numbers so we can locate you
and call the first available taxicab company dispatch to pick you up.

Step 3.

An icon will appear on your BlackBerry Diageo #TAXI icon that you click to launch the app and get the first screen you see just below.

The Diageo Canada #TAXI 1-800 number:

Step 1.

Register your phone here ( Phone number, Name, Location ).

Step 2.

Dial 1-866-870-8070. You may be asked to enter your phone number. Use your keypad to do that only if prompted. You will be asked for your city and province. Just speak it into the phone, for example, “Toronto, Ontario”. It will then ask if you’d like the first available taxi company, or if you have a preferred company. Make your choice using your keypad ( if you select preferred you’ll be prompted to tell us the name of the taxi company you’d like ). Then it will connect your call to the taxi company where you can give your exact address to a dispatcher.

Step 3.

Get home safe!

If you have any questions please take a look at our FAQ’s
or email us at questions@cellwand.com