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Being a Good Host

WineIf you’re hosting a party, you want people to have the best time ever—and making sure things don’t get too sloppy is part of that. It’s just nasty when someone hurls, annoying when someone’s spilling their drink all over you, and a pain to wrestle car keys off of someone when they’re slurring and shouting about how fine they are to drive.
So here are a few tips for keeping your party awesome and not a mess:

  • Serve food (who doesn’t like chips with French onion dip?!)
  • Provide drinks other than booze (water is okay, but if you can, mix it up with tasty stuff like soda/juice mixes, non-alcoholic beers, etc.)
  • Don’t make it too easy for people to inhale your entire liquor stock (keep it off an open table, for example)
  • Keep a little cash handy in case you need get the party write-off into a cab
    See LCBO’s great “Deflate the Elephant” interactive site for more hosting tips.

Alcohol companies, restaurants and bars, and liquor stores may love it when we support their brands—but not if the night ends in a car crash or other personal injury. Some even go out of their way to promote responsible drinking—where you have fun and make it home safe. These are the companies #TAXI partners with to get their responsible drinking messages to consumers.

For example:

Check out some of the marketing initiatives we’ve worked on with partners:

Industry Partners from the USA


Smirnoff Contest ButtonSmirnoff contest button (Smirnoff)

Dont’ Drive Impaired Poster (PennDot)

Dont’ Go Overboard Contest (Captain Morgan)

Taxi Voucher (Captain Morgan)

St. Patricks Day Poster 1 (Guinness)

St. Patricks Day Poster 2 (Guinness)

DUI Sign (

Calgary Stampede Ad (Trigger)


Industry Partners from Canada


Smirnoff #TAXI TweetSmirnoff #TAXI Tweet

Video installations-KB MediaVideo installations (KB Media)

Bad Date Poster (Zoom Media)

Boys Night Out Poster (Zoom Media)

Drunk Cowboy Poster (Zoom Media)

Drunk Dancer Poster (Zoom Media)

Make-Up Poster (Zoom Media)

Banner Ads (Mix 99.9, 102.1 Edge)


With mobile phones everywhere (in pockets and purses across the continent), #TAXI is a perfect platform and partner for anyone interested in promoting alternatives to drunk driving. Contact us to find out how we can help your company or organization promote safe drinking messages.