About Us

CellWand Logo#TAXI was developed by CellWand, a company that creates intuitive services for mobile phone users. It’s a “smart service”—intelligent technology that can detect your location and connect you to the first available taxi no matter where you’re calling from in North America.

#TAXI is generating substantial revenue for all the major Canadian wireless carriers, and in the US, it’s now available on more than 240 million mobile phones and offered by carriers including AT&T Wireless, Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Verizon Wireless (including Alltel).

The CellWand business model focuses on identifying a real consumer need, then developing an innovative solution to meet that need. In addition to #TAXI, CellWand is now aggressively developing a suite of new applications to provide mobile phone users with easier access to a wide range of popular services.

For more information, please email questions1@cellwand.com or call 416-591-0594.