Getting a Taxi in Denver


In General

Visitors to Denver have been somewhat surprised to have trouble getting a taxi. There aren’t a ton of them, and while technically you can hail a cab, many won’t stop. They can be found most reliably outside major hotels and bus/train stations, but it’s a good idea to have some numbers on hand to call when you really need one (i.e., weekend nights).

About Fares

It’s $2.50 for the first 1/9th of a mile, then 25¢ for every 1/9th of a mile after that. The meter changes to a time (rather than distance) rate of 37¢ a minute when the car goes less than 15 miles an hour. For every minute of waiting, passengers get charged 37¢.

There are three “flat rate” trips allowed in Denver:

Other rates vary by company, and include per-person rates, luggage handling, and pets.

For specific fares, check out this Fare Finder.


We’ve been told that non-metered charges (e.g., smoking when the driver would prefer you not, extra baggage, etc.) vary significantly from cab to cab in Denver. You might want to find out at the start of a ride what non-metered charges you might get dinged for.

If You Need to Rant

If you get terrible service call 894-2000 (ext. 360) or 1-800-888-0170

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