Social Responsibility Partners

“#TAXI helps the public by providing an easy way to designate a sober driver and prevent drunk driving…
“I first tried #TAXI after attending a wedding reception at a hall in Mississauga , Ont., that seemed in the middle of nowhere. After several drinks, my boyfriend and his friends were in no state of mind to drive, and I was left to figure out how we were going to get back to our hotel.
I called a taxi company, but the line was busy. I didn’t know any other numbers for cab service in Mississauga. Then I remembered seeing a #TAXI ad. I called from my cell phone, and soon a taxi arrived to take us to our hotel. I was so grateful for the quick service.”
-Caroline Versteeg, Senior Designer, Paton Publishing, Toronto

#TAXI has been a long-time partner with Mothers Against Drunk Driving in the US and MADD Canada in promoting the highly visible “Last call” series of public service ads encouraging socially active drinkers or their friends and family members to call #TAXI rather than drive home impaired, or let others do so.. The ads have appeared in radio spots, TV, cinemas and in magazines. Posters have been prominently featured in cinemas, restaurants, liquor stores, bars, campuses and major sports venues.

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As part of our on-going support for MADD’s mission, #TAXI has been a major sponsor of MADD’s Tie One on for Safety Campaign since 2006 and in Canada we have supported the Red Ribbon Campaign since 2004 and expanded that support to include Official Sponsor of the High School Education Program and was the Inaugural National Sponsor of Campaign 911.

For further information on our social responsibility commitments, visit our partners at [MADD], [MADD Canada] and an example of a [campaign] #TAXI has sponsored.

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