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Studies show that anti-drinking-and-driving marketing campaigns focusing on a solution or alternative—like #TAXI’s—are way more effective in changing behavior than campaigns aiming at alarming audiences.

Restaurants, bars, hosts, and event organizers serving alcohol to customers or friends who may then get in cars risk penalties and litigation if there’s an accident or injury. With this in mind, we’d like to share some tools with you to help people get home safely.

Following are downloadable posters you can print, jpegs, videos, and wording you might include as part of your invitation/promotional materials.

We hope you find these useful!


Bad Date PosterBoys Night Out PosterLast Call Poster
Drunk Cowboy PosterDrunk Dancer PosterMake Up Poster

Download PDF Versions:



#TAXI Logo (white background)

#TAXI Logo (black background)

#TAXI Banner Ad

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Contact us to see how we can help you get your message about drinking responsibly to your audiences, and feel free to download our posters for your purposes.